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These articles will help you analyze your website and social media habits to make your site more successful.  They cover many different topics from responsive web design, search engine optimization, content quality, and page structure.

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There’s More to Web Design than a Web Page! Rank Better with SEO If your website doesn’t rank for related keywords on Google, it may need Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO.   Learn More Website Maintenance Keep customers engaged

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Getting More Out of Your Website

Getting More Out of Your Website Let’s face it, you probably already have a website.  It may or may not live up to your expectations, but why? Do you get new customer leads from your website? Is your website helping

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Why DIY Website are Bad

Why DIY Websites Are Bad You’ve seen it advertised or perhaps tried it.  What is it?  Build your own website software.  It sounds so easy, but it’s usually not the best option. When someone uses ones of these DIY website

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Is my website hurting my business?

Is My Website Hurting My Business? Web design has changed over the years and your potential new clients have many options when they hit the search engines looking for your product or service.  If you already have a website does

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How can I make my website rank better?

How can I make my website rank better? Why Your Website Ranks Low Here are some possible reasons your website isn’t showing up when you search for popular keywords. Bad SEO – If your site is not optimized you can get lower rankings. 

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Is Your Website Dated?

Is Your Website Dated? When it comes to websites many people think it’s like buying a poster or sign to advertise their business but thats a bad way of thinking. A website is more like buying a TV. It should

why do I need a website in 2021

Why do I need a website in 2021?

Why do I need a website in 2021? It’s Where the Prospects Are Most of the time when a potential customer is in need of a product or service they are going to head over to Google to search. While

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Is my competitor’s website better?

Is my competitor’s website better? Do you think your website is good? Do you ever look at your competitor’s websites? Do you want your competitors to get more new clients than you do? Would you like to attract more customers?