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Responsive Web Design

A responsive website adapts to the resolutions of just about any device. This means your clients can easily read content on a computer, tablet or smartphone. If your website was designed before responsive (mobile friendly) sites were popular then it makes it very difficult for people to use your site with a mobile device. This means they will have to “pinch and zoom” content on every page. It also makes contact forms and other features very difficult to use.

Why should I care about Responsive Web Design?

Today as much as 50% of web traffic comes from tablets and phones. If your site is not easy to navigate, chances are your competitor’s website is.

Will I need to have my website completely redesigned?

Not always! There are some software addons that can make a website mobile friendly. It is of course always recommened to make sure your site is responsive when you begin any new site or website redesign project.

How can I tell if my website is responsive?

This website will allow you to enter your website and see how it looks on all popular devices.

Can you help me with my website to get it responsive?

Please use our contact form so we can evaluate your options. There is never a charge for an estimate.

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