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A website is considered to be responsive if it is able to change its resolution so that it appears properly on the screen of virtually any device. As a result, your Anderson, South Carolina customers will be able to read the content on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If your website was created before responsive websites became popular, users will have a difficult time using it on a mobile device. This indicates that they will need to use the “pinch and zoom” gesture on each and every page in order to view the content. In addition to this, it makes the use of contact forms and other features exceptionally difficult. Every website we design for our Anderson customers comes with a responsive layout at no extra cost.

Why should I be concerned about the appearance of my website?

In today’s world, tablets and mobile phones account for up to half of all web traffic. If visiting your website is cumbersome, one of your Anderson competitors’ websites is likely to be easier to use.

Is it required for me to have a completely new website built from scratch?

In some cases, no! There are a variety of software add-ons that can convert a website into a mobile-friendly version. When starting a project to construct a new website or revamp an existing one, it goes without saying that you should ensure that your website is responsive.

What is the best way to tell if my website is responsive to various screen sizes?

You may see how your website looks on all common devices by going to and entering your URL.

Can you help me make my website more responsive?

Please use our contact form so that we can evaluate your options. An estimate is provided at no cost.

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