competitors website

Is my competitor's website better?

Do you think your website is good?

Do you ever look at your competitor’s websites?

Do you want your competitors to get more new clients than you do?

Would you like to attract more customers?

Don’t become too “comfortable” with your website. If you’re not studying your competitor’s websites you’re going to quickly fall behind.

Competitor's Website

  • Their website looks great on mobile devices.

  • The design is modern and inviting for users.

  • The site has personality.  The content shows people using their products or services.

  • The customer can find all the information they need on the website.  They don’t have to contact you or track you down on social media to find out information about products, services, or current events.

  • There are links to all of their social media accounts so you can easily follow them.

  • The website loads quickly and content is easy to find.

  • The site is secure and displays a proper https and security icon in the browser.

Is this Your Website?

  • The website looks poor on mobile devices and users have to zoom in and pan around to try and read content.

  • The design looks dated and is not appealing.

  • Most of the photos are generic or stock photos and don’t show people using your product or service.

  • Your site is nothing more than a landing page with contact information.  There is very little reason a customer would be convinced to do business with you.

  • Your social media page shows all the lasting products, services, or events but your website does not.  This is a huge disadvantage to new clients that find your website on Google or any other search engine.

  • The website loads slow and content is hard to find.

  • The browser displays an alert next to the url that it’s not secure due to the lack of an SSL certificate.

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