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Why DIY Websites Are Bad

You’ve seen it advertised or perhaps tried it.  What is it?  Build your own website software.  It sounds so easy, but it’s usually not the best option.

When someone uses ones of these DIY website services you can usually instantly recognize it.  It’s a pretty generic template and often lacks any personality.

Here are some of the other challenges many face when trying to build a website on their own.

Your website ranks poorly with google.  This often happens because some DIY website builders don’t have the best tools to help optimize your rankings.

Sure it only took a couple of hours to load your images but your website lacks that professional look.  Many refer to these sites as “cookie cutter”.

In order to use most site builders you have to pay a monthly fee otherwise your website may have advertisements on it.  Because you are on a subscription service you are not usually protected from rate increases for the lifetime of your website.

If you decide you don’t like your DIY site you are usually out of luck.  Most of these DIY services don’t use a common platform so you can’t easily move the content to a more popular platform or another hosting provider.

Free or DIY sites usually come with a limited number of templates and you can’t always create your own look.

Features can be limited on a DYI site.  Popular platforms have hundreds of add-ons both free and paid to add functionality to your website.

You may run into less than stellar support when using a site builder service.

Hundreds of other people might be using the same template you are using. 

If customers can tell your website was built with a site builder service, it could make your business look cheap in a bad way.

The websites may be more difficult to backup.  Sometimes when you are getting ready to make a lot of changes you might want to run a backup first in the event something goes wrong.  This is often complicated or not an option when you build your own website.

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