10 Reasons You Need a Website in 2022

Why do you need a website in 2022

It's Where the Prospects Are

Most of the time when a potential customer is in need of a product or service they are going to head over to Google to search. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are great marketing tools they are not usually where people go if they don’t know about you first. Without paid ads on social media it’s harder to reach new prospects.

Local Proximity in Mind

When prospects search they use local terms to find what they need. This means if they need a plumber they might search for “Anderson SC Plumber”. If they need an accountant they are likely to search for “Greenville SC Accountant. If you have your own website you can target your SEO based on local proximity.

Reach More Users

A properly optimized website will bring in clients from a variety of keyword searches. The more valued added content you have on your website the more prospects you can potentially bring in. SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, will improve your organic rankings. You have more control over this with a website.

Consistent Content

We all know that social media platforms are always changing layouts and features. When you keep important information on your website you can keep it in a consistent location. For example, customers know they can click on your Products or Services button and get the latest items you offer. On a social media platform those links might change throughout the year.

You Look More Credible

When a business doesn’t have a website or has a website that doesn’t show any recent activity it will often cause a potential new customer to question their trust in the business. It only takes minutes to setup a social media account, however a good website takes longer. This shows prospects that you are established and credible.

Easier to Find Online

When you or your existing clients tell people about your business it’s much easier to give out a website address. Telling someone you ran into at a meeting about your products or services is much more awkward if you ask them to hunt your business down on Facebook, Instagram, or another platform.

Instant Answers

When someone visits your website they can click on a menu item or link and get the information they need right away. In most cases on social media users end up scrolling endlessly on your timeline and usually never find what they are looking for.

Your Business, Your Story

Your website is your chance to tell the background of your business. In some businesses the history and experience you have plays a big role in winning over a prospect. If you have 25 years experiences in your profession or you have won multiple awards, it’s much easier to convey that information on your website.

Your Competitors Have One

Ok so maybe you have one as well, but how current is the content on your site? If your competitor has the most recent products, services or events displayed in a good format you’re likely to lose that sale. Your website is your first chance to impress them. If the content on your homepage is the same as it was 6 months ago, you’re not going to impress many people.

Customers Expect It

Existing customers and new prospects expect you to have a website that includes everything they need. Some customers might not use a particular social media platform. If you’re having a promotion or special event always include that information on your website as well as your social media platforms. Current content should not be exclusive to social media. Remember you want people who find you on Google to know your business is open and active.

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