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How can I make my website rank better?

improve google rankings

Here are a few reasons why your website isn’t coming up when you search for popular terms.

Bad SEO – If your site isn’t optimized, it will rank lower. You will improve your ranking if you use descriptive page headings, urls, and titles.

Poor or thin content – Descriptive content that thoroughly explains your product or service will increase the chances that a keyword search will find content on your site that matches the search. If you consistently receive calls or emails with the same basic questions, you should reevaluate the information on your website.

Backlinks – The number of incoming links from high-quality sites will have a significant impact on your ranking. This could come from a reputable business directory, a professional blogger, or social media. Posting content or a blog on your website and then linking to it from social media is a good practice. This establishes a presence on both platforms while also driving traffic back to your website.

Errors or Outdated Design – An older website with errors can have an impact on how search engines rank it. It’s also critical to have a responsive design that adapts to different devices and is easy to read on a phone or tablet. It’s not a responsive design if you have to zoom and pan around on a phone to see it. Because smartphones and tablets now account for up to 50% of all traffic, if you only focus on how your website looks on a computer, you will be missing out on half of your target audience.


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