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Is Your Website Dated?

is your website dated

Many people mistakenly believe that owning a website is equivalent to purchasing a poster or sign to advertise their business, but this is incorrect. Purchasing a website is similar to purchasing a television. It should be packed with popular programming and provide constant access to current events.

Consider a storefront window display that has remained the same for two years. What are your thoughts on this?

Retention of Website Visitors
Why would anyone return to your website if it hasn’t changed? Would you return to your favorite clothing store’s website if the home page still featured fashions from two years ago?

New Clients Will Be Impressed
Demonstrate that you’re on top of things to potential new clients. Make sure your website has all of your most recent products or services.

Is there a blog on your website?
A blog is an excellent way to keep your customer base up to date on news and discussions. It may also aid in the improvement of your search engine rankings.

Examine Your Competitors
If you think your website is good as it is, compare it to your competitors. Is their content more up-to-date than yours? Is there a list of new products and services? Is your website up to date with your most recent products and services?

The Internet and Social Media
On your website, include social media Like and Share buttons. This allows your visitors to share popular content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It also provides you with free advertising.

Added Value
Is your website meeting the needs of your customers? Do they send you emails with similar questions on a regular basis? You may need to expand your site’s content or create a Frequently Asked Questions page.

Interactive Forms
If your company uses forms, make sure to include online forms to make things easier for your customers. Downloading, printing, and scanning a form to have it emailed back to you is a thing of the past. People will appreciate it if you make things simple for them.

Adaptable to mobile devices
If your website is old, it is likely that it does not display properly on mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets now account for more than half of all website traffic.

Be discovered
So you’ve got a thriving Facebook page. This is fantastic, and it also works wonders for promoting your website. It’s important to remember that not everyone uses Facebook, so they’ll look you up using a search engine. If they come across your outdated website, they are likely to click the back button and go to your competitor’s website.

Hackers and security breaches are far more common on older websites. It’s the equivalent of using an old computer with out-of-date security software. By staying current, you can reduce downtime and provide a more secure browsing experience for your customers.


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