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A responsive website is one that can change its resolution to fit the screen of virtually any device. Therefore, the content can be easily read on a computer, tablet, or smartphone by your Greenville, South Carolina customers. People will have a very difficult time using your website when they are on a mobile device if it was designed before responsive websites (sites that are compatible with mobile devices) became popular. This indicates that they will need to “pinch and zoom” the content on each and every page. Additionally, it makes the use of contact forms and other features extremely challenging.

Why should I be concerned about how my website is designed?

Tablets and mobile phones are responsible for as much as fifty percent of all web traffic today. If navigating your website is difficult, it is likely that the website of one of your Greenville competitors is simpler to use.

Will it be necessary for me to have a brand new website designed from the ground up?

Not in every case! There are various add-ons available for software that can transform a website into one that is mobile-friendly. When beginning a project to create a new website or redesign an existing one, it goes without saying that you should check to see that your website is responsive.

How can I tell if my website is responsive to different screen sizes?

You can enter your website at Responsive Design Checker and see how it looks on all popular devices.

Can you assist me in making my website responsive?

Please utilize our contact form so that we may assess your options. An estimate is free of charge.

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