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You might be asking what SEO is?  It’s just an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.  

Basically SEO is a process of making your website rank better in Google’s Free (organic) listings.

SEO is not a once and done process.  You’ll need to keep on top of it to stay ahead of your competition.

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Ranking Better Organically with SEO in Greenville SC

Ranking high on Google and not paying for it is what happens when you have good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With proper layout and techniques you can optimize for the best rankings for your Greenville business.

For example if you own an Ice Cream shop in Greenville SC, you would want to rank well for the search term “Greenville SC Ice Cream”

Part of the SEO process should also including keeping current and updated content on your website or adding a Blog.

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Competitor Analysis

One of the first steps to having a SEO plan is knowing what your competitors are doing on their websites.  We can show you techniques your competitors are using to help you rank better on search engines such as Google.

Local SEO Services

We can help your business website rank better in the organic Google listings by optimizing local keyword searches in the Greenville SC local market.  Our analysis tools can also find popular keywords that your website may be missing.

SEO Tracking

We will track the progress of the optimization as changes are made to the pages of your website .  Our reports will be able to show you individual rankings of the keywords relevant to your website so you can stay ahead of  your competition.

Google Ads for Greenville SC

google ads greenville sc web design seo

Being at the top of Google searches is what every business wants.

Google Ads PPC allows you to bid on popular keywords in the Greenville SC market so you immediate results vs waiting on SEO techniques.

In this example you can see the Upstate SC Web Design ad placement for the search term “Greenville SC Web Design”

Regardless of if you run ads on Google, you should still be SEO Optimized for Greenville.

SEO Tasks for Every Greenville SC Website

Greenville SEO Frequent Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This means making improvements to your website that will improve your organic rankings on search engines like Google.  Organic listings are natural listings that do not require any form of advertising payment.

Yes, Local SEO is when you optimize your website to a particular geographic area to rank better for your products or services.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page.  This is usually a combination of free organic listings, paid ads, and sometimes results from Google Business that display on a map.

Short-Tail keywords are more popular, generic, and have a higher search volume.  They are also more costly with paid ad campaigns.  

Examples of Short-Tail keywords are: “fishing” “lakes” “Georgia”, etc.

Long-Tail keywords contain three or more words are are easier to rank for when optimizing your SEO or paid ad campaigns.  Long-Tail keywords are usually less expensive when advertising.

Examples of Long-Tail keywords are: “fishing on Lake Keowee” “lakes in Seneca SC” “South Carolina Major Interstates “, etc.

This is the percentage of website visitors who visit a website and leave without interacting with anything on the page.

Improve Your Local Greenville SC SEO Rankings