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EyeDirect, based in Greenville SC, is a vendor marketplace that allows professionals in the Opthalmic field to list products for sale on the website.  This vendor software add additional Ecommerce functionality to WooCommerce that works based on a sales commission.  All of these features run on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform.

The online store page features advanced product filters and the ability for users to save their favorite products to their profiles.  The checkout process provides real time FedEx rates based on zip codes.  Payment gateways include Stripe for credit cards and also ACH payments for bank transfers.

Inside the Vendor Portal the amounts earned from each sale can be viewed and shipping rates can me configured independently from the core rate that is displayed.

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So Who is Eye Direct?

EyeDirect is a marketplace for Eye Physicians that connects directly to the source(s) of the best products and services in the industry.  For years, products and services went through a network of familiar resellers and distributors.  Since e-bay, Craigslist and Amazon have changed the way people think, it made sense to us to style our business with that kind of focus, direct to the buyer.  

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