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Truck Hatch Latch is an Ecommerce Joomla based website for a Seneca SC based business.  The online store configures shipping, online payments and maintains inventory.

The website has SEO Search Engine Optimization for better Google and search results listings.  It has other core features such as a homepage slideshow, contact form and Responsive Page Layouts.

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About Truck Hatch Latch

THE ONE AND ONLY TRUCK HATCH OPENING TOOL! The hardest part of your job just became the easiest…and a lot safer! The Hatch Latch® will reduce or eliminate back strain from pulling each latch. Closing the latches is now a snap! Chance of losing balance due to latches “letting go” reduced or eliminated! Doing your DOT required Pre Trip Inspection on your truck and pneumatic trailer the Hatch Latch Tool can be used to “Thump” your tires on the way to easily open the Hatch Latches with the same tool.
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