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Website Maintenance

Your website should be an important part of your business, church, or non-profit organization. When properly optimized it can generate leads and revenue. Do you really have time to worry about website content updates and maintenance?

All software and plug-ins on your website need to be updated on a regular basis or your website can be vulnerable to hackers.

Even the most basic WordPress website needs to be updated on a regular basis.  We offer worry free monthly packages or you can Pay As You Go with a one time maintenance clean up.

Website Content Updates

Are you too busy to keep your website content updated?  Do you have content that needs to be added, removed, or edited?  We can do for you at a reasonable rate.

You aren’t required to have a Maintenance Plan if you need Website Updates.

All updates are based on billable hours so you can request this service as needed with no commitments.

website updates anderson

Website Updates Only $65 Per Hour!

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Website Security Protection

You have a business to run and website security and software updates are probably the last thing on your mind.

All of the following included in EVERY Maintenance Plan!

  • Save Time & Money
  • Secure WordPress CMS Software
  • Security Monitoring
  • Identify and Update Outdated Plug-Ins
  • Offsite Backups
  • Uptime/Downtime Monitoring
  • Malware Detection
  • Backup Restoration (If needed)

Maintenance Plans


Web Hosting Available! – Not Included in Maintenance Plans

* If you have a website plugin or software package that requires a renewal or subscription you will still be responsible for that cost.  The maintenance plans cover labor and do not cover the cost of any software programs or plugins.



(OR 25% OFF 1 YEAR!)​

Website Content Updates Available at $75 per hour



(OR 25% OFF 1 YEAR!)​

Website Content Updates Available at $75 per hour



(OR 25% OFF 1 YEAR!)​

Website Content Updates Available at $75 per hour

Don’t Want a Monthly Maintenance Plan?

Pay As You Go $75

Includes a security check of your website, a backup, followed by updating WordPress or Joomla core software.  It also including updating all out-of-date plug-ins or components* that your website uses.

*If you have plug-ins or components that require a renewal or subscription for updates, you will have the option of paying for that. 

The purchase of software is not part of any maintenance plan.

Hourly Rate Content Management

Routine Web Maintenance Items

Frequently Asked Questions

Your website likely uses software like WordPress or Joomla that have routine security patches.  Hackers will find security breaches in old versions of software and can hack your website.  The software plugins or addons used on your website also have routine updates that address security, bug fixes, and add new features.

Yes, I attempted to update every client website at no charge, but as a part of business this is something I can no longer do for free.  

Yes!  I know paying to update software and plugins is not ideal for every client.  In order to help keep updates free, I have free tutorials on updating your software and plugins.  

In order to keep the pricing as low as possible I decided make content management fees an add-on service.  This means my Maintenance Plans are not bloated with things you won’t use.  Many web design firms include content management in their plans, but their plans are three or four times more the price!

Yes, you will get a 10% discount if you prepay for an entire year.

No, everything is prorated to the nearest quarter of an hour.  You’ll never be billed for a full hour if you only have 20 to 30 minutes of work done.

In most cases we can, first we need to see what platform you are on and then identify what tools we can use to perform maintenance or content updates for you.

In this case security would be the key reason you should have a maintenance plan.  Hackers attack when you least expect it when your website is running outdated software.

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