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Becky Kay, Blog in Easley, SC

Becky’s Journey

The website Becky’s Journey utilizes a format similar to that of a customized blog. It enables daily blogging and includes features for archiving historical entries. The site is mobile friendly for different device resolutions.

WordPress, which is known for its user-friendliness, was used in the construction of Becky’s Journey. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is particularly well-known for its use in blogging. It is well-known worldwide when it comes to blog websites..

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About Becky Kay

I attended training to become a Certified Celebrant with InSight in Wisconsin. The work of a Celebrant is one who celebrates the life of a loved one with rituals molded to capture a life well lived – funeral services can turn into tributes unlike anything families have experienced before. I believe personalization is not a product. I work closely with the funeral director to design the order of the service, have a memory board, memorials, tribute videos, music selections, printed materials. I am honored to be with someone during this most difficult of times.
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