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choosing domain name

What do I need to start my website?

Choose a Domain name In the early stages of developing your website, it’s a great idea to reserve your domain name. The address used to identify your website on the Internet is called a domain name. A domain name example is yourbusiness.com. We have some tips on picking a domain name and a domain name […]

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improve google rankings

How can I make my website rank higher on Google?

Chances are you already have a website, and your Google rankings aren’t what you want them to be. There are so many technical SEO (search engine optimization) improvements or on-page SEO techniques that can improve the website rankings. Other factors, such as link building, can help tremendously with your SEO strategy. Keyword research can identify […]

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modern website features

Why Website Redesign is Important

Many people think owning a website is a one-time investment to add a digital presence. A website should be viewed as the organization’s or business’s first impression. It must always represent your current products, services, and upcoming events. Take a look at a window display in a storefront that hasn’t changed in the past two […]

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wordpress support anderson sc

What is WordPress Used For?

Everyone tends to immediately think of a WordPress blog because it is known as one of the most popular content management systems. Many people used WordPress to create and design their own website or blog, but as more premium plugins were made, it became even more popular.  The WordPress community continues to grow because the […]

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choosing freelance web designer

Hiring a Freelance WordPress Developer

Utilizing the services of a WordPress freelance developer comes with a number of advantages. In order to hire the best WordPress designer, you should review your business needs. Some companies hire WordPress developers without researching some of the following criteria. With proper planning you can find a WordPress developer that fits the needs of your […]

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how to choose a web design company

How to choose a web design company?

How to choose a web design company If you’re launching a new business or redesigning an existing website, you’re likely looking for a website design company. Choosing a good web designer or agency can be a difficult process if you don’t know what to look for. Many don’t know where to start, so they attempt […]

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how much does a website cost

How much does a website cost?

This is, without a doubt, the most frequently asked question. We need to have an idea of how much content will be on your website before we can even begin to prepare an estimate. This could be segmented into pages like Home, About Us, Services, Frequently Asked Questions, and Contact Us. The configuration will be […]

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competitors website

Is my competitors website better?

Do you consider your website to be effective? Do you ever visit the websites of your competitors? Do you want your rivals to gain more new customers than you? Do you want to increase your customer base? Make sure you don’t get too “comfortable” with your website. You’ll quickly fall behind if you don’t research […]

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website hurting business

Is my website hurting my business?

Web design has evolved over time, and when potential new clients use search engines to find your product or service, they have many options. Does your website fit into any of these scenarios if you already have one? 1) Keep it up to date – If you use a calendar, make sure it’s current. If […]

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build your own website

Why DIY websites can be bad

You’ve probably seen it advertised or tried it. What exactly is it? Create your own web-based software. It may appear to be simple, but it is rarely the best option. You can usually tell when someone is using one of these do-it-yourself website services. It’s a fairly generic template that frequently lacks personality. Here are […]

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why advertise on facebook

Why should I advertise on Facebook?

It’s not expensive! You can run an effective advertisement for as little as five dollars per day! You are able to target a specific demographic by using a geographic radius. You have the option of being more specific and directing your advertisements toward people who have a particular interest. If you sell sports beverages, for […]

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what is SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization

Your website’s content can be improved to make it more relevant to keyword searches for your company. If you own a gift shop in Anderson, South Carolina, for instance, where do you rank when people search for “Anderson, South Carolina gift shop”? When it’s optimized the right way, people can even find your website when […]

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