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Facebook vs. Website: Why You Need Both

facebook vs website

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their online presence and reach the people they want to reach in this modern time. People frequently wonder whether a Facebook page can serve as an adequate substitute for a traditional website. Facebook is undoubtedly advantageous for connecting with customers, but it shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for a business’s official website. This is due to a number of factors.

The most noteworthy advantage of having a website is that it gives companies total control over their internet branding, content, and user experience. The layout, design, and user functions of websites can be customized. When businesses use Facebook, they can only use the layouts and features that exist on the platform. In addition, Facebook manages the algorithms that decide which posts are displayed to users and when. Because of this, it’s possible that the people who would most benefit from reading a business’s content might never see it, despite how good or important they are. A website, on the other hand, provides a direct means of communication, unrestricted by third-party algorithms.

Additionally, due to Facebook’s and other social media’s ever-evolving platforms, relying exclusively on Facebook can be a risky move. There is always the chance that a platform will go through a major change that could have an impact on a company’s online presence. Your website is a digital asset that is impervious to theft or significant change by individuals outside of your company. This results in it having greater stability. Because Upstate SC Web Design is so reasonably priced, even small businesses can have a strong online presence without spending a lot of money. Overall, Facebook is helpful for marketing and interaction, but a standalone website is still required for any serious online presence.