Website Redesign

Redesign your website to attract customers and stand out from competitors

A business website that is out of date could turn off potential clients. Website visitors may move on from outdated web designs if they give off a negative first impression.  In order to increase website traffic, a redesign of the website may be necessary. 

Some business owners have made subpar websites with free website tools. It might sound good to have a free website, but if the design is bad or “cookie-cutter,” it won’t help your business. And there’s always the risk that free websites aren’t search engine optimized, have ads, or use URLs that don’t coincide with your business’s identity.

Many websites that are older are not optimized for mobile use. Your outdated website will be more difficult to navigate for customers who are using mobile devices.

Another common problem with older websites is outdated material. Readers will believe your blog has been abandoned or that your local business has closed if it hasn’t been updated in five years. In addition, producing newly created content gives Google new opportunities to index your site.

Need an affordable web designer in Anderson, South Carolina, to provide you with a new look? From Atlanta to San Diego, we build cost-effective websites for clients all across the country.

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For over 22 years, we have been creating websites in the Upstate area of South Carolina. In addition to designing and redesigning websites, we offer digital marketing and SEO services. If you have a business anywhere in the U.S. and need a website, request a free web design quote. We take care of our clients before, during, and after your website is launched.