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Lots of business owners hesitate when it comes to spending money on Google Ads (also known as Google Adwords). Usually, a couple of new customer leads will often cover all of your advertising costs. If you narrow your target audience, you can grow your business while also increasing traffic to your website.

Advertising gives you almost instant results on both social media and search engines. Organic Greenville SEO takes longer to see results.

Upstate SC Web Design specializes in online marketing needs for Greenville SC. We work with clients across the USA and can save you money compared to the typical Google Ads Marketing agency.

How do Google Ads work?

First, you determine a budget for your ppc advertising campaign. For example, you may choose to spend an average of $20 per day. With most online advertising platforms, such as Google, you have a lot of control over your daily ad spending budget.

Next, your ad campaign should add keywords. For example, if you are a dentist, a possible keyword could be “root canal”. You can set your own exact keyword matches or you can turn on broad keyword matches.

Broad keywords allow Google to display your ad for other searches that it thinks will be relevant for your business. When you use broad keyword matching, you should monitor your searches and build a negative keyword list. This lets you stop ads from showing up on searches you think are not good for your business.

After you have your keywords set, you can specify a geographic radius. This will allow a localized business, such as a landscaper, to only display ads in a market that is in their service area.

You will be charged different amounts when your ad is clicked. You may have heard of PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising. The more popular the keyword, the more it will cost per click. If you want to have more control over your advertising budget, you can also set a maximum cost per click.

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We can manage your Greenville Google PPC Ad Campaign

Are Google Ad Right for My Greenville Business?

We feel like Google Ads are a great fit for many different types of businesses. Decades ago, people used the yellow pages to find different products and services. Google is a modern way of finding a business that you need.

Google Ads also show up almost instantly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an overnight process.

Here are a few examples of searches where Google Ads could generate a new customer.

People are likely to search for phrases such as “Greenville SC Lawn Care”, “Plumbers in Greenville SC”, “Local Web Designers Near Me,” etc. These can be the most cost-effective types of keywords for Google Ads.

If you are selling running shoes or women’s clothing, Google Ads can be very competitive and your PPC (Pay Per Click) values will likely be very high. It’s important to have catchy ad copy so you can maximize your conversions. If your products are localized, this may be an exception. For example, ads that target clothing for a local college.

Upstate SC Google Ad Client Examples

Anderson SC WordPress Web Design

GetRight! Personal Training

We currently run a successful Google Ads Marketing Campaign for GetRight! Personal Training in Anderson SC.

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Your Yard is a Garden Landscaping

Proven success with our current marketing strategies for Your Yard is a Garden Landscaping in Greenville, South Carolina. We have worked with both Google and Facebook Marketing with Your Yard is a Garden..

Local Marketing for Greenville SC Small Businesses

Ad marketing for your Greenville, SC website can help get customers faster than search engine optimization. If you own a dance studio in Greenville, SC, you want to show up in local searches. The same goes if you are an accountant in Taylors, SC. When you advertise your website on social media, you can reach a local audience without searching for your business.

It doesn’t matter your location; we can help market your website!

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Are you confused and overwhelmed with figuring out how to advertise your website and social media pages? Do you boost posts on Facebook and get very little results?We can help create ads and manage your social media advertising. You set your budget and we will work with it.

Google Adwords Management

If you want to instantly show up at the top of Google, we can set up Google Adwords for you. These pay-per-click ads display above all organic listings when a potential customer searches.With online marketing, you can target your customer base by geographic regions, keywords, demographics, and more.Before you start advertising, it's a good idea to make sure your site is SEO optimized.

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