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When you run our free website audit report, you’ll be able to identify a number of issues that may be affecting your Google and other search engine rankings. Our report will show you keyword consistency so you can figure out which keywords are the most popular.

The report will highlight image issues such as missing ALT tags and images that have not been compressed or resized properly. The meta data for website page titles and meta descriptions will be double-checked to ensure that they are complete and of the proper length.  Missing favicons and SEO friendly urls are also another important element of search engine optimization.

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Let us resolve your SEO errors or use our SEO analysis tool and see for yourself. Our affordable SEO optimization pricing is great for small business owners with a limited budget. Our SEO tools and technical SEO packages are available to customers nationwide.

Improve Website Performance

Your website will be audited to see if it has an SSL certificate installed. Page loading speed is another factor that affects performance. It can also harm your SEO if your website is slow to load.

It may take longer for a web page to load if it contains images that are the wrong size or if there are errors in the CSS or Javascript.

The responsive web design mobile view and social media are the last two categories examined by our free website report. Your website will pass the responsive test if it loads properly on smartphones and tablets. Our report checks to see if you have social media integrated with your website because it is an important tool that helps with backlinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a free website analysis report by entering your website address at the top of this page. Your results will appear on the screen right away, and you will also receive a copy of the report via email.

Our online SEO Audit Tool is completely free to use. We offer paid SEO and website optimization services if you need assistance fixing errors in your report.


Yes, if the Google Analytics code was properly installed on your website, it would be visible in your online or PDF report.


Yes, GTMetrix is a great website speed test that will show lots of issues that can slow down your website page load.


Yes, you can contact us for our SEO service if you find any issues with your report. If you only need a few things on your website fixed, we can give you a custom quote. ​


An SEO audit report grades your website on a variety of factors that can impact how you rank. It can identify malware and javascript errors, missing meta descriptions, and images that are improperly sized. All of these items, and many more, will be listed in your free report.


There are a number of WordPress plugins that make updating your sitemap an automatic process. Rank Math is one of our favorite plugins. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more. If you have a WordPress website, we can help you set up Rank Math.


The alt image text gives search engines a description of the image. It enables them to assist in indexing the image.


If you don’t know how to interpret your SEO Audit report, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you. 


Yes, we have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) package available.  We can help you fix a variety of issues that you are graded on in the SEO Audit Report.


Yes, we service all 50 states with SEO, web design, and website maintenance. We’d be delighted to have a more in-depth conversation with you about your website requirements.


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