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Your business in Myrtle Beach could benefit from having an online storefront in the form of an e-commerce website. For the past 21 years, our company has focused on providing professional website development at affordable prices.

We can incorporate a variety of features into your ecommerce website, such as product variations, product subscriptions, UPS, FedEx, and USPS real-time shipping rates, and coupon codes.

Your North Myrtle Beach small business website is capable of accepting a variety of well-known payment methods, such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and Square.

Affordable Website Design for Myrtle Beach

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We place a great importance on usability. As a result, we decided to create the majority of our e-commerce websites using Wordpress. Happie Dog in Myrtle Beach’s web store was built with Wordpress and WooCommerce. It is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for e-commerce because of its extensive plug-in support and SEO management.

Happie Dog’s website¬†can be updated using a popular, user-friendly page builder. With our high-quality web hosting, the page loads really quickly. Instead of an outdated e-commerce website, let us develop the Myrtle Beach online store website you’ve always desired.

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Happie Dog Clothing Apparel

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Responsive Web Design for Myrtle Beach

Mobile Website Development

Responsive web design styles are used in every e-commerce website we create. When visited via mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, Happie Dog’s e-commerce website can adjust to a variety of screen resolutions. This is critical in today’s world, when smartphones and tablets account for up to 50% of all internet traffic.

Routine Site Maintenance

Although updating your online store’s website is straightforward, you may not always have the time to do it. We offer some of the most affordable website content management services in Myrtle Beach. With one of our low-cost maintenance services, you can keep your website safe and functioning smoothly.