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Is my website hurting my business?

website hurting business

Web design has evolved over time, and when potential new clients use search engines to find your product or service, they have many options. Does your website fit into any of these scenarios if you already have one?

1) Keep it up to date – If you use a calendar, make sure it’s current. If you don’t have a calendar, make a point of posting something new or even blogging at least once a month to show that you’re interested in your website. Ignoring your website is equivalent to failing to clean your physical store. It becomes dusty, and clients become dissatisfied.

2) Mobile-Friendly – How does your site appear on a smartphone or tablet? Is it necessary to zoom in and out, or does the content fit on the screen as it is?

3) Being Social Media Exclusive – Do you have a Facebook or other social media account that you use regularly? Do you send out updates to your customers on a regular basis? Allowing social media to distract you from your website is a bad idea. Just because you’ve been on social media for five years or more doesn’t mean you’re the only one who uses it. To find a product or service, new customers use Google and other search engines. You should include the same information on your website as you do on social media. Check to see if your website has any new photo galleries or announcements.

4) Incoming Link Shortfall – If you’re active on blogs and social media, make sure you link back to your website. Your search engine rankings can be harmed by a lack of incoming links. To increase traffic to your website, post new content on your website and then share a link on social media. When search engines see links from social media sites and blogs, they may boost your ranking.

5) Outdated Design – If your website is more than three years old, it’s probably time for a makeover. This is an excellent opportunity to make it mobile-friendly. Over the years, the majority of the major websites you visit have changed. It’s like applying a fresh coat of paint to your business to make it look cleaner and more inviting.