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Hiring a Freelance WordPress Developer

Utilizing the services of a Wordpress freelance developer comes with a number of advantages. In order to hire the best WordPress designer, you should review your business needs.

Some companies hire WordPress developers without researching some of the following criteria. With proper planning you can find a WordPress developer that fits the needs of your business or organization.

One on One Professional Teamwork

When dealing with larger companies, you will inevitably be passed from one designer to another, some of whom may not be familiar with your website as well as others. If you hire a freelance web designer, you can be sure that you’ll only ever work with one designer.

Often, you will have direct contact with a freelance WordPress developer, whether it be a call, text, or email. You may not get that same responsiveness with a big web design firm.

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Better Web Design Pricing from WordPress Freelancers

You will typically be able to save money as well, due to the fact that the majority of freelance web designers do not have the costly overhead that a large web design company or firm has. The vast majority of web design firms that are located in elegant office buildings will charge higher prices.

It’s a good idea to ask about the hourly rates before working with a web designer. Your web presence begins when your website is launched, but you might have hourly expenses if you request new development to your website.

WordPress Developer Experience & Availability

It’s best to hire a WordPress expert who is full-time. Although there are many talented WordPress developers that work part-time, they may not always be available when you need them. Small businesses will often need a fast response, and a Wordpress freelancer should be accessible within a reasonable amount of time.

Many new web developers surface every day on the Internet. You may benefit from reading online reviews or looking at their existing client portfolio. If a WordPress freelancer has no clients listed on their website, you might want to look further for development services.

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How User-Friendly is the Work of the WordPress Expert?

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Some web developers use custom written code in their WordPress development. While this can be required in some instances, it can be complicated for a small business to manage. They may be tied permanently to that Wordpress programmer for future services. The only other option would be to seek out another developer to take over the custom WordPress development.

Many clients enjoy being able to take over their website and make updates with little hassle. Theme customization can be achieved with many premium plugins and popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi. If your freelancer implements these visual editors for your site, you will be able to click to edit and also drag and drop content to edit your website. These WordPress plugins are a great solution for businesses that update their websites frequently. Custom themes can be built with a page-builder, eliminating the fear of a “cookie cutter” website.

Some of the best WordPress developers will listen to their clients and design the website for their needs. Some freelance wordpress developers will talk negatively about page builders because they feel like it limits their technical skills. When choosing your developer, make sure they focus on your project requirements and not a fancy web application just to add to their custom WordPress development portfolio.


WordPress Ecosystem

When looking for a freelance web designer, it’s important to find out what software and platforms the designer uses. For instance, if they are using WordPress, which is a well-known content management system (CMS), It won’t be difficult to find someone to take over the maintenance of your website in the event that you decide at a later date to switch web designers.

If you hire a freelance web developer who writes proprietary code or uses other platforms, it may be hard for a new web designer to make changes to your site in the future. This is because updating your website requires access to the custom code. There are some situations where custom plugin development can’t be avoided. If your Wordpress project is a company website, blog, or ecommerce store, chances are custom theme development is not required at all.

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There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a WordPress developer for your business website. If you would like a free quote, Upstate SC Web Design has designed websites for over two decades. We have also had over a decade of experience in WordPress development.

Our primary focus has always been to create unique, professional websites at affordable prices.