Givens Philanthropy

Upstate SC Web Design proudly collaborated with Givens Philanthropy in Asheville, NC, to create a new website that captures the organization’s longstanding dedication to compassion, innovation, and community stewardship.

Established in 1975, Givens has consistently fostered a spirit of generosity through volunteerism and philanthropy. The new website designed by Upstate SC Web Design offers a user-friendly, responsive platform that highlights these core values and encourages community engagement and support, enabling Givens to continue its mission with confidence and enthusiasm.

givens philanthropy iphone

We Work with Non-Profit Budgets

Upstate SC Web Design specializes in creating affordable and budget-friendly websites for non-profits in Western North Carolina. We offer low-cost solutions without sacrificing quality because we know that non-profits have limited financial needs and constraints. Each website is tailored to improve its online presence and attract community support, ensuring that even organizations with limited budgets can benefit from a professional, responsive online platform. Upstate SC Web Design’s commitment to accessibility and quality makes us a trusted partner for non-profits looking to make a positive impact online.