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For over two decades, we’ve worked with churches in South Carolina to create affordable, professional websites. We design sites that churches find easy to manage on their own, meaning no extra costs for small tweaks. Not enough time to keep your website up-to-date? We also provide reasonably priced, half-hourly-billed website maintenance and content management services. 

Stay clear of church web design companies that have you “rent” your site with monthly charges. With our à la carte pricing, you only pay for the services you choose, and a monthly maintenance fee is optional.

By combining our knowledge of customer service, responsive design, and local Columbia SEO, we create church websites that not only reach the local community but also rank higher in search engines. This allows you to reach a larger audience and increase site visits.

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Affordable Church Website Design since 2001

Designing Church Websites in SC for 22 Years

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Local Church Web Design is Available Nationwide

Church Website Features

Most church websites start with a home page that shares a bit about what the church stands for. They often have an ‘About Us’ area where you can learn about the church’s background, what they believe in, and meet the people who work there. There’s usually a page called ‘Services’ or ‘Worship,’ where you can find out when they meet and watch past sermons or even tune in live.

Many church websites will have a section, possibly called “Ministries” or “Fellowship,” that informs you about the various activities and groups you can take part in, like bible study groups or youth programs. Most church websites have an “Events” or “Calendar” page where you can see what special events are coming up and how the church helps the community. Like most websites today, you’ll also probably find a “Contact” page, a place to sign up for updates, ways to donate money to the church, and links to their social media pages.

Free Training With Every Web Design

Affordable Wordpress Church Websites for Columbia South Carolina

Ever felt stuck with complicated church websites? If you’ve tried using WordPress, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with Elementor. Updating your content is as simple as dragging and dropping with the website we design.

Your Columbia church’s website will look great on any device, from phones to tablets. This means that everyone can catch up on events, sermons, and photos from gatherings, regardless of their device. Whether you’re in Lexington, Irmo, or any of the smaller towns near Columbia, SC, let us design an easy-to-use and affordable website for your church community.

When we create a website for a church in Columbia, we offer free virtual training to make sure you feel comfortable maintaining your new online presence.

User-Friendly Affordable Websites for Two Decades

Modern Church Websites for Columbia

Online Tithes & Donations directly on your Church Website

The majority of churches today, including those in Columbia, accept tithes and donations directly on their websites, making it easy for members to give even from their phones.

There are several tools like, EasyTithe, Giveify, and PayPal that can be added to your site for this purpose. Every option comes with its own unique pricing structure. If you are unsure of which website platform is ideal for your church’s website, we are here to assist you.

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Local Church Web Design Examples

Increase the Google Presence for Your Church

Attract New Church Members with Website Optimization

Your church can successfully recruit new members if it has a website that is search engine optimized for the local Columbia community. Today, many churches showcase sermons, service videos, photos from gatherings, and event calendars online. This serves not only your current attendees but also helps individuals find your church when they do a search using particular keywords.

SEO, or search engine optimization, for churches in the Midlands enhances your website’s visibility in search results through natural or organic strategies.

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