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For a small portion of the cost of a major web design company, we create professional affordable websites for Charleston, South Carolina small businesses and churches. Because our websites are mobile-friendly, visitors may quickly access them even when they’re on the go using their mobile phones or tablets.

We are excited to work with your Charleston-based small business to design an amazing website at an affordable price.

In addition to North Charleston, we also service Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, James Island, and a number of other cities with website design services.

charleston sc web design

We offer quality user-friendly Charleston SC web design at a lower cost than most web design firms in the coastal SC area.

Affordable web design Services

Affordable WordPress Web Development for Small Businesses

We don’t build difficult-to-update websites. The most popular design platform is Wordpress. Our Charleston customers may easily alter their pages by using page builders like as Elementor. You won’t need a web developer every time you need a routine website change.

No more delaying website changes because they’re frustrating. Your small business website will not only help your customers, but it will also generate income for your business.

With our cost-effective website maintenance services, you won’t need to worry about keeping your website current. We can help you keep your WordPress site up to date and safe.

Our responsive web design is included at no extra cost for every client.  You’re website will adapt and look great on tablets and smartphones.

Serving South Carolina for Two Decades!

Local Search Engine Optimization for Charleston

Is the website for your Charleston business poorly ranked in search engines? SEO may be required to boost your website’s search engine rankings. SEO best practices for website design and content include keyword research, meta titles, descriptions, alt tags, and alt hrefs. It is a collection of techniques, such as backlinks and social media, designed to increase website traffic for South Carolina keyword searches and local Charleston SEO.

When you choose us as your Charleston web designer, we’ll utilize SEO best practices, or we can work with you to improve the SEO of an existing site for your South Carolina-based audience. Numerous businesses may have a broader geographical target market or provide their products nationwide. We can assist with a variety of SEO-specific strategies.

digital marketing

A digital marketing company helps to expand a company's reach in the online world. Advertise in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas of South Carolina.

Digital Marketing Services for The Low Country

Sponsored search engine marketing can help increase visitors to your Charleston website. Using platforms like Google Ads can help your website rank on the first page of Google’s search results. These advertisements are triggered by terms relevant to your Charleston business, profession, or products.

Additionally, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be affordable social media marketing platforms. Marketing in Charleston may be geo-targeted or visitor-interest-targeted to increase conversions. This could be used as a marketing strategy to target visitors in Coastal South Carolina for events that attract large crowds.


Website Development

Freelance Website Designer for Charleston, SC

Website Design FAQ

There are a variety of ways you can advertise your business online. Routine social media posts are the most common form of digital marketing. You can also use ads on Facebook and Instagram to promote your business in a very effective and cheap way.

Depending on your target market and budget, you may also want to run ads on Google. This allows you to set your own budget and target specific keywords.


Some web designers have more overhead that forces them to mark up their services more. For example, being located in an expensive office building or storefront is quite expensive.


First, you should decide how many pages you will need. Some common pages include Home, About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Services, Contact Us, etc. This will vary based on your business model.

Next, you will need to have photos and text copy for your website. If you provide a draft of your text, we can help with copywriting. Stock photos are also an option, but using original photos always makes a website more unique and personalized.


Yes, if you need help with some creativity for your routine social media posts, we can help. We can also help design ads for your social media marketing campaigns.

Local Charleston SC Affordable Websites